Tom Bullock

De Fang Your Keys. Key File off the sharp points so
they don't saw holes in your pocket.

Animated GIFs. <== Various GIF experiments.

Tom Bullock  blinking

Java Applets. Java logo Various Java experiments.

Burning Man 1997. Burning Man Logo Lots of pictures.
Burning Man 1998. Burning Man Logo Even more pictures.
Burning Man 1999. Burning Man Logo Still more pictures.
Burning Man 2000. Burning Man Logo Yet more pictures.
Burning Man 2001. Burning Man Logo More and more pictures.
Burning Man 2002. Burning Man Logo Still more and more pictures.
Burning Man 2003. Burning Man Logo Even more and more pictures.

How to load Black Powder Shotgun Shells. shell

Some experiments with Trebuchets. Trebuchet Siege engines
that throw large rocks.

Slide Rules. Slide rule They do everything but add.

Anaglyphs. 3-D Glasses 3-D pictures that you look at
with Red-Blue glasses.
3D Pictures. Stereo Pair 3-D pictures that you look at
cross-eyed or wall-eyed.

Pictures of bullets in flight.Flying Bullet Water balloons too.

A semi-handy gamma correction chart Gamma Chart to adjust
your monitor by.

Some reverse links Links to other pages that link to me.

A search engine experiment Bubbling Erlenmeyer Flask that is
not for humans to read.

My e-mail e-mail address.

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